customer showcase

Greenwich Avenue Car Wash

The Greenwich Avenue Car Wash, located in Connecticut, has installed a single Apollo2 to monitor both Solar Thermal AND Solar PV. They use our iFrames to display solar production data on their website and at their location to showcase how they are using green technology to their customers.

Latitude 51 Solar

Latitude51 Solar are suppliers and installers of high quality, high power Solar Water Heaters. They are using our iFrames on their website to help teach people about solar and solar monitoring. They showcase a live system on their site to show the power of the SunReports monitoring.

Beach Solar Laundromat

This laundromat, located in Toronto, Canada uses solar to heat their water and run their machines. The laundromat was one of the first to use SunReports hardware on a commercial solar thermal installation. They use our iFrames to showcase their solar production to their customers.

Free Hot Water and Toadal Fitness

Free Hot Water manufactures and distributes Solar Thermal Products. They are using our iFrames to illustrate how businesses can use the power of the sun to heat their water and offset some of their recurring costs. The solar data from their installation at Toadal Fitness is displayed on the website.