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An article by Thomas Dinkel of SunReports and Thomas Koerner of Astronergy Solar Inc.
CEO Tom Dinkel talks about SunReports' new social media initiative.
"By harnessing the networking powers of Facebook, people with solar installations can show their friends how well their system is performing...."
"This isn’t some implausible business scheme that requires convincing people to sling your product. It’s just a simple Facebook app that lets folks brag about their home’s solar power system and do a little “green living” grandstanding..."
"The hot water space is completely underserved by monitors. We’ve spent most of our energy serving this market, and have established distribution in the space..."
"The system installed at The Springdale Apartments included a SunReports remote performance monitoring system. This allows both the owner and installer to track system performance and provide real-time data..."
"Customizable by individual preference, this new tool enables end users to view periodic and cumulative system output for PV and solar hot water systems by glancing at an e-mail..."

A Speedometer for Solar

January 27, 2011
"One of SunReports's cleverest ideas, though, is to leverage social networks and people's inherent competitiveness to get the most out of solar power."
"SunReports, which has its headquarters in San Francisco, CA, is looking out for residential customers."
"The use of monitoring can help installers mitigate their risks, tie predicted and actual system performance information together and enable new business models to secure gross margin dollars beyond those tied to the installation."
"Under the new rules, customer performance monitoring (CPM) is encouraged for all solar thermal systems receiving the incentive, and is required for systems that displace at least 30 KWth."

Stealth Superstars

July 26, 2010
"In SunReport's case, its product development strategy was to focus on a very small number of close relationships, working with those customers to refine the product one-on-one ahead of a full-fledged market launch."