I’m an installer, how do I purchase the Apollo?

I'm an installer, how can SunReports help my business grow?

What is needed for Internet connectivity?

How far away can the Apollo be from the router?

What is included with the Apollo?

What is the difference between Apollo1 and Apollo2?

How long does it take to install an Apollo monitor?

What inverters does the Apollo work with?

How far away can the Apollo be from the Inverter?

The solar PV system we are installing has two inverters. Do I need two Apollos?

Apollo Installation

I'm an installer and I've connected my Apollo device. Now what?

Can I extend the Temperature cables?

I hooked up the donut-shaped thingy to the wires going to the pump, but it's not working!

What is the difference between a CT and a flow sensor?

Can I extend the CT cables?

Where do I find my Apollo Serial Number?

Why is the Serial Number important?

Why is the installation address important?

How do I setup the Apollo? I don't see any switches!

How do I attach the temperature sensors to the pipes?

Do I need to use some thermal grease to make a good contact with the pipe?

Where is the Pressure Switch? I don't see it in the box!

I accidently plugged the Inverter cable into the Ethernet port (or vice-versa). Have I broken anything?

Software Setup

How do I add a customer to my portal?

How do I add alerts?

I'm an End User and I've just had a SunReports system installed. Now what?

What is an iFrame?

How do I get an iFrame?